Year in Review

Year in Review

Everglow Nutrition turns one–cue the confetti! This has me feeling nostalgic for a year in review.

I started Everglow Nutrition on January 1st, 2020 with the mission of helping women improve their relationship with food and body through intuitive eating and mindfulness coaching.

 My promise to this community has always been: 

  • Educate on how to approach food from a place of ease, flexibility, and nourishment.
  • Bring inspiration to the kitchen with weekly recipes highlighting that ALL foods fit. 
  • Create opportunities for 1:1 nutrition coaching to help more women find food freedom. 

I’m proud to say that Everglow Nutrition has remained true to these promises. In the spirit of reflection, I’m sharing my top accomplishments and lessons from 1 year in business as a dietitian entrepreneur! 

year in review

Year in Review: Accomplishments 

Created a 1:1 Virtual Nutrition Coaching Program, Everglow Mentorship.

I created my first virtual offer (in the midst of a pandemic). Although I initially saw myself providing some in-person coaching, providing virtual nutrition coaching has been a blessing. I’ve been able to connect with women across the country and work from home during a challenging year. 

Provided a FREE weekly Newsletter, every Sunday of 2020. 

…with the exception of some Holiday weekends. This weekly publication included a total of 46 new recipes, 22 blog posts on mindfulness, and 39 on Intuitive Eating. It’s been a blast writing about the topics I feel most passionate about and getting creative in the kitchen. Not to mention, I developed a free Insider Training on My Proven Method to Break Free From Dieting. 

Invested in myself and my business. 

This was scary at first. I transitioned to part-time in my corporate wellness job in order to start Everglow Nutrition. It felt like a leap of faith, which required me to say “YES” to myself and my dream. Along the way, I’ve learned that starting a business isn’t just a one time decision. It’s a daily decision requiring honest intention, time, and energy. It’s a decision I’ll continue to make daily in 2021.

Year in Review: Lessons 


Starting a business during a global pandemic? I would have never imagined it to be this way. However, this didn’t stop me from staying committed to my mission, goals, and vision. I pivoted by fully committing myself to virtual nutrition coaching and online networking. While I miss working with clients in person, I’m proud of myself for adapting to the current climate.  

Trust & Surrender. 

This has been a recurring lesson in my life. As much as I can vision map, plan, and set goals — I can’t control the outcome of all things. This encouraged me to bring spiritual practices, like journaling and meditation, into my business. Instead of viewing business as separate from my spiritual life, I blend the two. Overall, this has helped me feel more aligned, energized, and abundant as the CEO of Everglow Nutrition. 

The Power of Community. 

Being a solo entrepreneur can get lonely. No bouncing ideas off your co-workers or set meetings with a team. And then there’s the self-doubt…am I doing this right? This encouraged me to join a network of other female entrepreneurs in CEO School for 2021. I can’t wait to be more intentional about networking and learning from successful female entrepreneurs across all industries. 

The Best Is Yet to Come

What you can expect from Everglow Nutrition in 2021: 

  • Additional ways to work with me. In addition to 1:1 nutrition coaching, I’m building out a group coaching program to make nutrition support available to more people. 
  • Continued free nutrition resources and education. This includes but is not limited to: The Everglow Blog, Instagram @everglownutrition, and Your Sunday Glow Newsletter. Perhaps even a Podcast in the future?
  • A non-diet approach to health. Everglow Nutrition will continue to promote nutrition in a way that honors a healthy relationship with food first. We’ll stick to evidence-based nutrition that cuts through the noise and confusion of diet culture.


Thank you for being a part of this community! – Rachel

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