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Stuck In The Diet Cycle? Read This.

Are you trapped in the diet cycle? The diet cycle is a vicious one. It’s fueled by restriction, guilt, and shame. In this article, learn how to identify the diet cycle and break it once and for all. 

What Is The Diet Cycle? 

The diet cycle is the OLD way of pursuing health. In this cycle, you feel stuck. You go all-in on a diet, but when you break it you feel so guilty, and eventually circle back to the same or another diet. Essentially, it boils down to 3 phases: 1) the all-or-none mentality 2) breaking the diet 3) food guilt. 


1- The All-Or-None Phase

In this phase, you view food through a lens of black and white rules. It might sound like: 

  • I’m not going to eat any sugar over the next 30 days. 
  • I’m going to work out for an hour every day. 
  • Or I’m going to eat right this week (implying that there’s a right & wrong way to eat) 

All of your food decisions are set up for a pass or fail. You feel determined that *this diet* will work. You’re tightly holding onto food restrictions, willing it to work.  

2 – The Break Phase 

We all know what happens next. Eventually, you eat something that “breaks” the diet.

  • You said you weren’t going to eat sugar, but at your friend’s birthday party there was the most delicious-looking cake, you had to eat it. 
  • You missed a workout because an important meeting came up during your lunch break. 
  • Or you ate something from your list of foods to “avoid”. 

You feel like you failed because you only gave yourself the option of a pass or fail.  

3 – The Guilty Phase 

This leads to guilt. You feel guilty for what you ate or how much you ate. Perhaps you think, “well I already broke the diet so I might as well grab a second and third piece of that cake.” 

The guilt builds up, which can lead to shame. Instead of feeling like you ate something bad, you tell yourself that you are a bad person. Eventually, the guilt fuels the next diet. You think “I ate so bad, I should restrict again…”  and the cycle repeats. 

How to Break The Diet Cycle

Are you ready to break this cycle once and for all? Spoiler alert: you don’t break this cycle by trying a different diet. You BREAK this cycle by ditching the all-or-none diet mentality altogether. 

What if there was a more gentle approach to health & nutrition? One that honored your mind, body, & spirit?

I’ve got a framework for that! My signature framework, The Everglow Method, blends intuitive eating and mindfulness principles so that you learn to nourish your mind and body. It’s a non-diet approach to health that places your unique needs at the center. 

A Non-Diet Approach to Health with The Everglow Method

Here is a sneak peek of how I help my clients within each phase of the Everglow Method: 

the everglow method

  1. Establishing Roots: Ditch diet mentality and set your wellness vision. Define health on your own terms. 
  2. Energetic Alignment: Begin living in alignment with YOUR definition of health. Identify core barriers & limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Mindfulness techniques rebuild trust and connection to your body.
  3. Eating Intuitively: Build a healthy relationship with food as the foundation to living a life well-nourished; relearn nutrition basics through a lens of nourishment versus deprivation. Think – understanding macronutrients without needing to *count* macros.
  4. Everglow: Maintain sustainable habits with ease and balance. Habit formation strategies to re-align when you feel off track. 

Are you ready to ditch the diet cycle for the Everglow Method? Are you on the fence? I know it’s a scary transition, especially when all you know is dieting. 

To get a better sense of what the Everglow Method can look like for you in real life, download my FREE 5-Step Guide to Eating Intuitively. I’ll walk you through the initial steps you can take to ditch the diet mentality and make peace with food.

Intuitive Eating Guide

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