3 intuitive eating mistakes

3 Intuitive Eating Mistakes You Might Be Making

Today I’m going to be sharing three of the biggest mistakes people make keeping them on the “yo-yo” dieting train. Do you struggle with finding a long-term solution to better health? Knowing these mistakes will help you not make them so you can overcome the short-term “fix” mindset and ditch diets once and for all.

3 Intuitive Eating Mistakes You Might Be Making

3 intuitive eating mistakes

Mistake #1: You’re still following diet-based accounts. 

Although it’s unrealistic to unsee all diet culture, you CAN focus on changing what is in your control. Review your social media feed and unfollow or mute any accounts that trigger negative beliefs about yourself. Think of it as a “spring-cleaning” of your social media accounts! Don’t let social media plant negative seeds into your subconscious mind anymore. Take 15 minutes to complete this step, and you will feel a sense of shedding that which no longer serves you. Out with the old, in with the new, my friend! 


Mistake #2: You’re consumed with “all-or-none” thinking. 

“I always blow my diet. I never have willpower.” Does your self-talk sound like this? Absolute terms like always and never keep you stuck in extremes. Replace these terms with gentle words like “sometimes” or “may”. Replace absolute terms: I ALWAYS blow my diet. I won’t eat ANY dessert tonight. With gentle/neutral words: I SOMETIMES eat sweets. I MAY have dessert or any food that sounds good to me tonight.


Mistake #3: You turn Intuitive Eating into another diet. 

Intuitive Eating is made up of 10 principles that help you listen to your body, develop body respect, and implement nutrition for the right reasons. Two principles that get a lot of attention in Intuitive Eating include “Honor Your Hunger” & “Feel Your Fullness”. Without the right interpretation of these principles, people can quickly turn this into the “Hunger-Fullness Diet”. In other words, they think it means “only eat when you’re hungry” and “always stop when you feel full”. Zoom out and look at the big picture (all 10 principles) to prevent turning Intuitive Eating into the Hunger-Fullness Diet.  


You don’t have to diet again. 

When you approach Intuitive Eating with curiosity and compassion, you activate positive emotions in your body, helping you get “unstuck” from diet mentality. 


Do you struggle with any of these mistakes? Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with me, and we can create a game plan to help you eat intuitively. 

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