Food Freedom Essentials
Online course

A self-paced online course to help
you ditch diets & discover TRUE food freedom.

Looking for a nutrition course that’s NOT giving off toxic diet culture vibes?

You’re done with the 7-day detoxes, unrealistic weight loss promises, and restrictive food protocols.

It’s not that you don’t want to eat healthy (you do!)…

But you’re ready for a sustainable & gentle approach to nutrition.

One that allows you to…

Enjoy spontaneous trips to get ice cream on a Wednesday night.
Order regular pasta (without a side of guilt!)
AND stop thinking about food 24/7 so that you can start living more.

Good news, friend – you’re in the right place!

There is a way that you can take care of your health without obsessing over food. If you’re thinking, “this sounds too good to be true”… I hear you. I used to be in your shoes.

Course Breakdown

Each module contains 2-3 video trainings
so that you can expand your knowledge. PLUS, downloadable worksheets to apply what you learn. Because we believe that information does not equal
transformation. Taking action does!

Phase 1 - Establish Roots

Module 1: Uproot Diet Mentality
Module 2: Design Your Wellness Vision

Phase 2 - Energetic alignment

Module 3: Mindfulness 101 Body
Module 4: How to Listen to Your Body

Phase 3 - Eating Intuitively

Module 5: Make Peace with Food
Module 6: How to Navigate Emotional Eating
Module 7: Nutrition 101
Module 8: Meal Planning & Prep

Phase 4 - Everglow

Module 9: Sustainable Health Habits
Module 10: How to Re-Align When You Feel Off-Track

Bonus Content!


And because I love ice cream with a cherry on top, I’m
giving you all the extras. These additional tools will
help you flourish in all aspects of your life.

Video Training:

What is Body Respect?
Guided Meditation to Stop Self-Sabotage
5 Practices to Boost Body Image

All that ON TOP OF the foundational 4-step method.

So, what’s the investment of this goodness?

Payment plan

Start at $74/-
$ 74 Monthly
  • 3 payments of $74 /-
  • Get instant access
  • Lifetime access

Full payment

Save $25/-
$ 197
  • Save $25 /-
  • Get instant & life time access
  • One payment of $197

Wanna chat first?

To see which option is the best fit for you,
DM Rachel @everglownutrition with the first word ‘AVOCADO’ and I’ll get back to you right away!

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