My Intuitive Eating Story

Hi friends! I’m Rachel, a Chicago-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I help women find food and body peace through intuitive eating and mindfulness. I believe that a healthy relationship with food is the foundation of living a life well-nourished. 


My Intuitive Eating Story

Confession: I didn’t always have a healthy relationship with food. I was once in blind pursuit of “perfect” health without pausing to see how my choices were impacting my mind, body, and spirit. 

When I thought I was doing everything “right” to nourish my body…I was actually depriving it. 

In my teens, I struggled with poor body image, low self-worth, and disordered eating. My food choices were accompanied by fear, stress, and anxiety.

“Would I ever be able to eat desserts without the cascade of negative self-talk? How can I enjoy eating out without obsessing over the menu? Will I ever feel comfortable in my own body?”

I felt alone in these worries. 

From Restriction to Food Freedom 

Gratefully, there was a shift. Over time, I leaned into self-compassion, deepened my mindfulness practice, and released “food rules” that did not serve me. I discovered a way of eating that felt fully supportive of my health from within. My thoughts transitioned to how I felt versus fixation on external measures like pant size and (you guessed it)…a number on the scale. 

As my relationship with food improved, so did my relationship with myself. This feeling of freedom overflowed into other areas of my life! Today, I approach food from a place of ease, flexibility, and nourishment. Through my work, I am fortunate to help others do the same! 

Intuitive Eating Support 

My intuitive eating story helps me understand that creating a healthy relationship with food and self is a process. I know that support in this process makes all the difference. That’s why I created Everglow Nutrition– a non-judgemental space for you to slow down, tune inwards, and explore what living a nourished life means to YOU.

When I’m not in the world of Everglow Nutrition, you’ll find me walking or biking along the lakefront, watching The Bachelor, on my yoga mat (most likely in child’s pose), coffee shop hopping, or cozied up Yogi tea and a self-help book. 

For 1:1 support to embrace food freedom, make peace with food + body, and live your life nourished, check out my Private Coaching Packages

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