journal prompts for intuition

7 Journal Prompts to Connect to Your Intuition

Imagine a world in which women everywhere listen to their intuition as a guide to making choices supportive of total well-being. 

This would mean more women stepping into their power. 

One woman uplifts another and creates a community where the messages of body respect and self-love are stronger than the voices of diet culture. 

That’s my vision for Everglow Nutrition. 

In order to help make this vision a reality, I am committed to helping more women tap into their intuition and listen to their body’s inner wisdom instead of diet rules. 

One method to connect to your intuition is through journaling. Save these 7 journal prompts for connecting to your intuition. 

journal prompts for intuition

Why Journal? 

Journaling is one of my favorite tools for cultivating awareness. A powerful journal prompt pushes us beyond surface-level thought and into the depths of our consciousness. 

Writing forces you to slow down, set aside your phone, and put pen to paper. All those thoughts swirling around in your mind get a place to live on paper. This creates more mental clarity, less overwhelm. 

Journal prompts are limitless, but I find these 7 prompts help with connecting to intuition on a daily or weekly basis. Remember, we find the answers by asking the right questions. 

7 Journal Prompts to Connect to Your Intuition

How am I feeling right now? 


What is this feeling teaching me? 


If I were able to fully trust my body, what would that look like? 


Complete the following statements: “I want…I need… I am ready for…”


How would the best version of myself show up today? 


How can I feel more connected and present today? 


Imagine a younger version of yourself. What advice would you give her? 

journal prompts for intuition

Tips for Connecting to Your Intuition

1- Create a quiet space. Close your door, light a candle, and sit in a comfortable chair. Cozy up! If you like background music, my Instrumental Playlist is perfect for this. 


2- Write each of the prompts in your journal, then set aside your electronics (phone or computer). 


3- Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. 


4- Open your eyes and free write. Write the first thoughts that come into your mind. Write without hesitation or filters. 


5- After you’re finished, look back at what you wrote. Circle or underscore any repeating themes. 


I hope you enjoy these journal prompts as much as I do. If you liked this exercise, subscribe to my Sunday Glow Newsletter where I send bi-weekly journal prompts, affirmations, and Intuitive Eating inspiration. 


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