Virtual Nutrition Coaching
Learn about Everglow Nutrition’s signature coaching programs to discover your path to food freedom & body confidence.

It’s time to ditch diets for good so you can nourish your body and live guilt-free.

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Do you feel consumed by food-related thoughts?

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Do you dream of the day you can keep cookies in the house without feeling “out-of-control” around them?

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Are you ready to stop the endless
diet cycle for good?

You’re in the right place…
If any of the above apply to you - you’re in the right place. You deserve to feel CONFIDENT in your body and at EASE around food.

Sadly, most people turn to cookie-cutter diets as a short-term approach to getting healthy.

But the all-or-none diet mentality leads to unhealthy restriction, rebound overeating, self-criticism, and food guilt.

Gratefully, there is another way to pursue your health goals.


• Eating habits that are easy, sustainable, and enjoyable to you Feeling connected to your body and confident in your skin.

• Eating in alignment with your internal cues guiding hunger, fullness, and satisfaction

• Taking care of your health from a place of self-love and abundance instead of fear and restriction

• Nourishing your mind and body so that you can show up with energy as your best self in all areas of your life

That’s where the Everglow Method comes in!

The Everglow Method

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Establish Roots

Ditch diets and set your wellness vision. Define health on your terms.

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Energetic Alignment

Mindfulness techniques to rebuild trust and connection to your body.


Eating Intuitively

Learn nutrition basics through a lens of nourishment versus deprivation.

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Maintain healthy habits with ease & balance for the long term.

It’s the framework behind every coaching service at Everglow Nutrition.

ways to work with me

Food Freedom Essentials
Online course


12 self-paced online modules

20+ video trainings on Intuitive Eating, Mindfulness, Body Image & more

Customizable meal plan & prep templates

Interactive worksheets & journal prompts for mindset work

20+ recipe & meal ideas

3 guided meditations

Lifetime access

Everglow Mentorship
1:1 Coaching


Lifetime access to Food Freedom Essentials Course

3 months private coaching supportImage & more

Initial nutrition consultation

Bi-weekly follow up nutrition coaching sessions

Weekly email check-ins

Ongoing food journal reviews

Ongoing messaging support via secure client portal

Everglow & Co.
Group coaching program


Lifetime access to Food Freedom Essentials Course

3 months group coaching support

Bi-weekly live group nutrition coaching sessions

Private Slack channel for ongoing messaging & accountability

Close community of like-minded women ready to ditch
dieting & find food freedom


Not sure which program is right for you?

Schedule your free discovery call to discuss your unique nutrition goals and discover the best level of support.

What exactly is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition Coaching iS..

- Skills & tools to utilize
- Creating sustainable health habits
- Personalized
- Evidence-based
- Skills & tools to utilize
- Holistic view

Coaching is NOT

-A “quick fix” to lose weight
- One size fits all
- A fad or trend
- Rules to follow
- Surface level

Our promise to you:


Just as you commit to showing up for yourself, we commit to showing up for you with non-judgment, compassion, and presence. We equip you with mindfulness skills, nutrition support, and habit formation strategies so that you can unleash your healthiest self. We can’t wait to watch your transformation unfold!