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7 Unexpected Benefits of Intuitive Eating

When you think about the benefits of intuitive eating, imagine an iceberg. You can clearly see a few benefits at the surface level, but the real value of intuitive eating lies beneath the surface. You can’t quite put a finger on it until you experience it for yourself! 

That’s exactly what we are exploring today – 7 unexpected benefits of intuitive eating that you might not be aware of, inspired by the real experiences of my clients. 

Spoiler alert: unlike the Titanic meeting an iceberg, what’s below the surface of intuitive eating is ACTUALLY a good thing. 

intuitive eating benefits

Evidence-Based Benefits of Intuitive Eating

After a quick Google search of “intuitive eating”, you can see that its framework was first published in a book in 1995 by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Since then, multiple research studies have supported the benefits of intuitive eating. Let’s look at the facts! 

Physical health benefits include (1):

  • reduced body mass index
  • lower triglycerides
  • improved HDL (good cholesterol)
  • reduced overall risk for heart disease

Emotional health benefits include (2):

  • increased body satisfaction
  • higher self-esteem
  • better optimism
  • strengthened awareness

Traditional weight loss programs are unsustainable over the long term and weight regain is common. Conversely, intuitive eating programs have higher completion rates and are sustainable over the long term (3).

Sustainable healthy habits that enhance your mental and physical well-being is what you want, isn’t it? 

7 Unexpected Benefits of Intuitive Eating

There’s even MORE to intuitive eating than the bullets listed above. I’ve put together a list of 7 unexpected benefits that my clients have experienced so that you can see the big picture. 

1 – You stop judging yourself. 

Your self-talk shifts as you become more patient and compassionate with yourself. You’re able to shut down your inner critic. Feelings of guilt, shame, and judgment fade into the background. 

2 – You think more about life and less about food. 

You no longer worry about food 24/7. This opens up time and space for the things you love most in life. You have more time for your hobbies, relationships, and personal development. 

3 – Your relationships improve. 

As your relationship with food improves, so does your relationship with others. At social gatherings, you’re able to form deeper connections because you aren’t distracted by food-related thoughts. 

4 – Your cravings decrease. 

Since you’ve stopped restricting, cravings naturally decrease. When you do experience a craving, you’re able to get to the root of it. You take care of the craving at the root and move on from it. 

5 – Food is more satisfying and delicious. 

You rediscover the joy of eating! You know how to put together meals that are satisfying, delicious, plentiful, and leave you feeling energized. You’re not afraid to experiment with ingredients in the kitchen. 

6 – You develop self-awareness. 

You’re in touch with your intuition. It helps you make choices supportive of your total well-being. You pay close attention to your body’s cues and work with your body, not against it. 

7 – You trust yourself to positively cope with stress. 

Previously, you relied on food as your only tool for coping with stress. Now, you have a full toolbox of various self-care strategies. You trust yourself to take care of yourself, even during stressful times. 

benefits of intuitive eating


What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed since you stopped dieting and started eating intuitively? 

Drop your response in the comments! 

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