How to Stop Dieting and Start Nourishing Your Body 

Did you know that roughly 95% of diets fail? 

Or that majority of people who lose weight on a diet regain it? 

Did you know that weight-cycling (aka yo-yo dieting) is associated with greater inflammation, poorer cardiovascular outcomes, and increased mortality risk? 

It’s no surprise if you are hearing these facts for the first time. Why? This is the exact type of information that the 60 billion dollar diet industry tries to hide from us. 

So, if you’re tired of the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and spending your money on diet programs that don’t work, let’s focus on how to stop dieting and start nourishing your body. You in? 

How to Stop Dieting

1. Toss the Scale. 

It’s easier to ditch dieting when you ditch diet tools. External diet tools include calorie trackers, measuring tapes, and you guessed it…the scale. These devices train us to believe that weight is the best indicator of health. However, there is SO much more to health than weight. To learn more read this article: 11 Non-Weight Measures of Health and Wellness

What diet tools do you currently rely on as your measure of success or failure? Do you weigh yourself regularly or track calories to every last bite of food? How does this help or harm your relationship with food and body? 

Aligned action: select one diet tool that feels easiest to get rid of. What is the next step you can take to let go of it? Commit to this one step! 

2. Ditch Diet Mentality

Maybe you aren’t on a diet, but a lingering diet mentality is preventing you from nourishing your body. Common examples of limiting beliefs around food and body include: 

  • Describing a day of eating as good or bad.
  • Viewing food as an enemy. 
  • Choosing the smallest portion of food, regardless of hunger and fullness cues. 
  • Ordering the “healthiest” option on the menu, despite your taste cues. 
  • Compensating for dessert by exercising more later. 
  • Limiting carbohydrates, especially bread and grains. 
  • Believing that you have to lose weight to be healthy. 
  • Skipping meals to save up on calories. 

Note if any of these statements apply to you. Awareness is the first step to ditch diet mentality. Simply labeling these beliefs as “diet mentality” may help you separate yourself from them. Notice diet mentality, without judgment, and you’re on your way to stop dieting. 

3. Define Health On Your Own Terms. 

As you release the diet industry’s definition of health as thinness, have fun with defining health on your own terms. Allow your definition of health to include physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make sure that your definition of health aligns with your values. 

Close your eyes and imagine your own version of optimal health and well-being. What does this look like to you? How does this feel like to you? What kinds of activities are you doing? What foods are you eating? Describe the images, words, thoughts, and phrases that come to mind when you picture your ideal state of well-being. Return to this vision anytime you need to feel anchored in your definition of health. 

4. Emphasize Nourishment Over Deprivation. 

A common theme I see among clients with a history of dieting is a focus on lack versus abundance. In other words, they’ve focused on foods they “can’t” have versus foods they “can” eat. Diet culture has taught them to associate the word “diet” with eating less. However, by definition, the word “diet” is simply the kind of food that a person eats. 

Focus on adding a variety of nutrient-dense foods and fun foods that taste good and make you feel good. Remind yourself that no foods are off-limits. Post a list of foods you LOVE on your refrigerator, and allow yourself to buy and enjoy those foods. Avoid the urge to restrict, and eat adequate meals and snacks throughout the day to promote energy. 

5. Commit to Your Self-Care Daily.

Nourishment extends beyond food. Consider other elements of your life, routines, and habits that enhance your well-being. Nourish your body through, movement, social connection, sleep, rest, and even laughter. What is one small thing you can do for your self-care every day? Perhaps it’s 5 minutes of journaling, a walk in the park with your dog, or committing to a skin-care routine. Whatever you choose, be sure it sparks joy and fills your cup from the inside out. 

Want More? 

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