How To Craft A Morning Routine + My Morning Routine

Are you tired of starting each day with your attitude + energy level in the dumps? Would you rather start your day feeling more joyful + present? Is overwhelm taking ahold of your morning? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I’ll walk you through the key components how to craft a morning routine + reveal my TOP 3 secrets to start your day mindfully. 

How To Craft a Morning Routine

Morning routines are an art + you are the artist. YOU get to paint the picture of your ideal morning. Your morning routine does not have to match your best friends, favorite celebrity, or the latest trend you’ve seen on Instagram. 

Think of your morning routine as time + space that you protect for yourself. Use it to prioritize 1-3 activities that bring you joy, help you feel aligned, and leave you feeling refreshed + energized. 

When crafting your morning routine, ask yourself these key questions to guide the process: 

  • How much time will I dedicate to my morning routine? At a minimum? At a maximum? 
  • What result do I hope to see from a consistent morning routine? Perhaps it’s reduced stress, greater presence, or increased energy as you begin the day. 
  • What challenges, if any, hold me back from implementing a morning routine? How can I overcome these barriers? 


My Morning Routine 

I posted a poll on Instagram + my morning routine was among the top requested topics. As promised, I’ll walk you through the exact steps that I take to start my day mindfully! My morning routine is not perfect + you by no means have to mimic it. 

Additionally, please note that my morning routine changes throughout different seasons of life + based on time availability. There is no right or wrong with morning routines + I allow myself to be flexible in this process. I encourage you to do the same as you craft your morning routine! 

When the alarm buzzes 

Towards the end of 2019, I noticed an upwards trend in the number of times that I hit snooze…3, 4, 5x hitting snooze in a row! It made me feel anxious + behind when I started my day an hour later than intended. To change this, I started putting my phone in the opposite corner of the room. Now, I have to get out of bed to turn off my alarm. This simple shift has drastically changed my mornings + become a non-negotiable for me. 

Basic hygiene + making the bed 

After I turn off my alarm, I go through my basic hygiene steps of washing my face, brushing teeth, putting in contacts, etc. It’s normal for me to feel a little tired through these steps like I’m still waking up. From there, I’ll make my bed + want to note this because even these simple acts, like making the bed, can still be considered part of your morning ritual! 

Journaling + gratitude + sacred reimagining 

Next up, I’ll pour a big glass of water + sit with my journal (still in my PJs). In my journal, I list out what I feel most grateful for at that moment. It might be as simple as “my cozy robe” or deeper like “the loving relationships in my life.” I don’t set a limit to the number of items I write. Instead, I write until I feel the shift. Cat Aldana, the founder of Eat Stretch Nap, advised me of this and it’s been a wonderful anecdote to my gratitude journal (thank you, Cat)!  

Write until you feel the shift. 

After my gratitude list, I practice sacred reimagining, which is where I journal about what my life looks + feels like in its most aligned state. I write this in the present tense as it’s happening now. It might look something like: “I feel relaxed + at ease” or “I am surrounded by love + light”. I envision the desired state as it’s happening now. My entire journaling process takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes. 


From a place of gratitude, I sit in silent meditation. I use the Insight Timer app to set an alarm for 5-15 minutes, depending on my time availability. I practice with various mediation techniques, but the underlying theme of my meditation practice is having silent time–nothing to do, nothing to say, just sitting with my thoughts + feelings. 


Have I lost you already? Finally, I’ll enjoy breakfast + coffee at home or on-the-go. At home, you’ll find me making my Whipped Banana Oatmeal. When I’m looking for something quick, my go-to recipes are Overnight Oats + Smoothies. Breakfast is a non-negotiable for me. Practicing Intuitive Eating has guided me back to internal cues around hunger + I know that I feel my best when I fuel with breakfast. 


3 Secrets To Start Your Day Mindfully 

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to start your day mindfully! Ready for my final 3 secrets to start your day mindfully? Here we go: 

  1. Turn your phone on airplane mode. Beep! Beep Beep! At the sound of your morning alarm, do you grab your phone and scroll? Do you start the day with someone else’s ideas in your own head or reacting to a text you received overnight? Turn your phone on airplane mode to start your day on your own terms.  
  2. Use your breath as an anchor. The breath is available to us at all times + an immediate anchor into the present moment. Practice 3 rounds of mindful breathing to try it out for yourself. Without manipulating the breath, notice the length of your inhalation and exhalation. Tune in to where you feel your breath in your body. Pay attention to the sensations and fullness of your breath. This simple practice of noticing and feeling the breath is mindfulness in action! 
  3. Allow any situation, even the messy ones, to be your teacher. Starting the day mindfully is not limited to perfect mornings (because we all know that those are rare gems). Can you practice staying present even on the mornings that you spill coffee, miss your alarm, or feel anxious for a morning meeting? Often, these sticky situations become our greatest teachers. Give yourself permission to feel + be present, even when faced with resistance. 

Morning Routine Resources 

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