Everglow Mentorship
1:1 Coaching

The Signature 12-Week Coaching
Experience is designed to teach . you intuitive eating & mindfulness skills
that have the potential to
transform your health and life

If there was a better way to take care of your health, WITHOUT dieting
or depriving yourself, would you finally feel confident enough to go
ALL IN for sustainable health solutions?

If the answer is YES, then keep reading…

What comes next could be the difference between learning how to build body trust,
food peace, and sustainable health habits OR continuing to ride the yo-yo diet train and constantly
searching for that next nutrition trend.

By using the Everglow Method, you’ll develop
the skill to finally…

Enjoy a spontaneous ice cream date with friends
on a random Wednesday without feeling guilty
about it. In fact, you’ll build better relationships
at social gatherings because you’re not
stressing over the food.

Feel at peace around food...even those foods you once
considered “off limits". You can keep your favorite foods
in the house - chips, chocolate, Girl Scout Cookies,
you name it! - without the fear of binge eating.
Talk about a game-changer!

Have confidence and clarity in your food choices.
You’ll feel empowered making choices that honor
your health AND your taste buds. You can stop
second-guessing, judging, and comparing
your food choices to others.


Everglow Mentorship

3 Months of personalized support

We’re not interested in 7-day detoxes or 2-week crash diets. Healthy behavior change takes time. And support over time makes all the difference! That’s why 1:1 coaching is 3 months so you can develop sustainable healthy habits.

1 Initial nutrition consultation

You’ll start with a 75-minute nutrition consultation to establish your wellness vision. What this means to you is that you gain clarity in your health goals right away. And the real value is feeling confident in your plan. It’s like planning for a road trip! You determine the destination and best path to get there.

2 Follow up sessions per month

Each 45-minute follow-up session is an opportunity to navigate
challenges you might be facing, learn how to implement intuitive
eating skills, and expedite your growth.

Weekly email check-ins

Extra accountability is provided in the form of weekly email check-ins.The real value of this is maintaining your momentum between sessions. In fact, research indicates that your chances of meeting a goal increase from 65% to 95% when you set a personalized check-in with a coach!

Ongoing food journal reviews

We know, we know…food journals make you want to pull out your hair. That’s why our journal template is NOT about tracking calories and
macros. Instead, it IS a place to track food & mood-related symptoms, while also getting feedback from your dietitian.

Ongoing messaging support via secure client portal

An added layer of support so that you can ask questions anytime. You can go directly to a trusted source when you have a nutrition question. It’s like having a dietitian in your back pocket!

Lifetime access to Food Freedom Fundamentals

Our goal is to make this experience as value-packed as possible for you, which is why you gain access to 20+ video trainings on intuitive eating, mindfulness, body image & more! Past clients say that they love
being able to go back and re-watch their favorite lessons.

Still Have Questions?
We’ve got answers.

  • That’s great you started your own self-study. Personalized coaching will help you implement the intuitive eating principles into your life – in a unique way that aligns with your lifestyle. Instead of just giving you information on WHAT to do, coaching supports you with  HOW to do it, too! 

Yay! So glad you are ready for this. We can’t wait to support you. To recap, with Everglow Mentorship you get: 

  • 3 Months 1:1 coaching support 
  • 1 Initial nutrition consultation 
  • 6 Bi-weekly nutrition follow-ups 
  • Weekly email check-ins 
  • Lifetime access to the Everglow Course 
  • Food & Mood Journal reviews

ALL of this is yours inside Everglow Mentorship – you can get started with one payment of $499 (followed by 2 monthly payments) OR you can pay in full $1,497. 


Great question! While this program isn’t focused on weight loss, we understand that you may feel uncomfortable in your body and desire weight loss. Your concern is 100% valid. 

Ultimately, our goal is to support you in making behavior changes supportive of your total health. We’ll help you measure your progress beyond the number on the scale. In fact, one of our past clients shared that her favoirte part of the program was feeling free from the daily burden of stepping on the scale!

Yes, we offer virtual video consultations over Zoom OR via phone – whichever you prefer

We understand that you have other commitments and value your time. Just out of curiosity…what commitments on your already full plate are soley for you? Think of Everglow Mentorship as a self-care commitment. By showing up for yourself through this program, you’ll be able to give more fully to ALL aspects of your life.

In addition, you’ll learn meal planning strategies to save time and FINALLY have the brainspace open by not having to think about food all the time. 

Meet Your Coach

Hi friends! I’m Rachel, your virtual non-diet dietitian.

I’ve been in your shoes.
I used to restrict calories and eat “clean” to get healthy, but it never ended well. Eventually, I’d binge eat, feel guilty, and go back to restrictive food rules. After overcoming restrictive dieting and healing my relationship with food, I’ve helped numerous clients do the same! I’m here to give you the compassionate support that is crucial for making peace with food & building body confidence.

I’ll help you find balance with nutrition, provide realistic meal guidance, and ultimately guide you to your healthiest self.

I’m grateful that you’re here and cannot wait to empower you on your food freedom journey!