Everglow & Co.
Group coaching program

High-touch group nutrition coaching intensive with a
registered dietitian &
a small group of like-minded women ready
to ditch dieting & gain food freedom!

If there was a way that you could think about food LESS
and life MORE…you would want to know more about that,
wouldn’t you!?
If your answer is “YES”... then keep on reading.

Let me guess…

You’re fed up with fad diets and “lifestyle” changes that promise BIG results,
but they never seem to stick.

You’ve spent years swinging back and forth
between “eating super clean” or binge eating.

At this point, you blame your lack of willpower
for your “failed” attempts at getting healthy.

Shocking facts no one tells you about dieting:

Calling foods “off-limits” actually
increases your cravings for them.

Restricting food lowers your metabolism.

Roughly 90% of people who
lose weight on a diet regain it.

AKA: Diets aren’t set
up for long-term success!

That’s why together we will work to:

Restore your metabolism so that you have the energy to reach your fullest potential.

Unlearn all-or-none diet mentality so you can enjoy your favorite foods without guilt.

Rebuild body trust, which will enable you to feel confident in your food choices.

Imagine a life of true food freedom where you can:

Keep Girl Scout cookies in the house
without fearing that you’ll eat them
all in 2 days.

Free yourself from the red flashing numbers
on a scale as your single reference of
healthy or unhealthy.

Go to bed without already worrying or
obsessing about what’s for breakfast
the next morning.

Eat for energy, nourishment,
AND satisfaction!

It’s possible, and we want to help you get there.

Welcome to

Everglow & Co.

12 weeks to transform your relationship
with food & create a healthful life!

A Sneak Peak Inside

3 months group coaching support

Weekly video modules, handouts, and interactive worksheets to take action

Bi-weekly live group nutrition coaching sessions (via Zoom, replay available)

Private Slack channel for ongoing messaging & accountability

A close community of like-minded women for connection

All of this is yours for:

Payment plan

Flexible payment plan
$ 299 3 x Monthly
  • 3 payments of $299
  • Flexible payment plan
  • 2 week refund policy

Full payment

Save $25
$ 897
  • One time payment
  • Save $25
  • 2 week refund policy

Weekly Structure

Here’s a breakdown of what
your 12 weeks will include:

What Others Are Saying:

Still Have Questions?
We’ve got answers.

The bi-weekly coaching calls will be 1 hour. The Everglow Course materials including worksheets and video trainings are self-paced, which is the beauty of the hybrid program! You can put as much or as limited time into it as your schedule allows.

This is a high-touch group coaching program with support via live group coaching calls, private Slack channel, and frequent Q&A. Rachel will be inside each of these to answer your questions, provide feedback, and hold you accountable.

All group coaching calls will be held and recorded on Zoom. If you can’t make a call live, you can access the recorded session at your convenience.

Intuitive Eating is an integrative mind-body approach to honor your health. It consists of 10 principles that help you listen to your body, develop body respect, and implement nutrition for the right reasons. It works by placing emphasis on the cultivation of health-promoting behaviors versus weight control.

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. Everglow & Co. uses mindfulness-based techniques to cultivate awareness, reduce stress, and release judgement. Everglow clients say that it’s a game-changer for them!

Yes, you can get started with one payment of $299 and 2 monthly payments to follow. 


Meet Your Coach

Hi friends! I’m Rachel, your virtual non-diet dietitian.

I’ve been in your shoes.

I used to restrict calories and eat “clean” to get healthy, but it never ended well. Eventually, I’d binge eat, feel guilty, and go back to restrictive food rules. After overcoming restrictive dieting and healing my relationship with food, I’ve helped numerous clients do the same! I’m here to give you the compassionate support that is crucial for making peace with food & building body confidence.

I’ll help you find balance with nutrition, provide realistic meal guidance, and ultimately guide you to your healthiest self.

I’m grateful that you’re here and cannot wait to empower you on your food freedom journey!