Emotional Eating Guide

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You’ve been asking for an Emotional Eating Guide, and here it is!

Do you feel out-of-control around food? 

Are you caught in a cycle of increased food cravings and binges? 

Do you have difficulty coping with emotions? 

…If you answered YES to any of those questions, you are not alone. This Emotional Eating Guide is for you!

Emotional Eating Guide

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In this Emotional Eating guide, I have combined Intuitive Eating and mindfulness-based principles so you will walk away with: 

  1. Increased self-awareness, ability to identify food triggers 
  2. A wider range of coping skills, including non-food related coping mechanisms
  3. Resources for continued support 

Thank you for hitting “download” on this guide and allowing me to walk with you on this path toward making peace with food and emotions. This guide provides information, resources, and questions to keep it collaborative. Remember, I’m right here with you! 

This Guide Is For You

You can also tap into the Everglow Nutrition Community on Instagram. Send us a DM with your thoughts in response to this guide!

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