daily habits healthier you

Daily Habits for a Healthier You

Do you want to be better about daily habits for a healthier you? A healthier you begins with reclaiming the word healthy, defining health on your own terms, and implementing the aligned action steps. Continue for a guide to creating daily healthy habits!

daily habits healthier you

Reclaim the Word “Healthy”

Diet culture will tell you that a healthier you is a skinnier you, but that’s NOT always the case. Health can be achieved independent of weight change. Need evidence? I got you! 

Studies indicate that a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach is associated with improvements in physiological measures (e.g., blood pressure, blood lipids), health behaviors (e.g., eating and activity habits, dietary quality), and psychosocial outcomes (such as self-esteem and body image). (1)

The HAES approach invites you to think of health separate from weight loss. It’s time to reclaim the word “healthy” from the diet industry.

Prompts to Define Health on Your Own Terms 

Use the following prompts to define health on your own terms. 

  • How do you show up as your most vibrant self? 
  • What activities make you feel nourished from within? 
  • What motivates you to be the best version of yourself? 
  • If you determined 3 synonyms for healthy, what words would you choose? (ie. flourishing, glowing, whole) 

Now complete this sentence: My definition of health is _________________________ . 

12 Daily Habits for a Healthier You

Now that you’ve established YOUR definition of health, what daily habits bring that vision to life? These are the action steps or things you CAN do in your control to positively influence your health. 

Here are 12 ideas to get started:

  1. Establish a consistent sleep schedule. 
  2. Limit screen time before bed. 
  3. Create a morning or evening routine
  4. Start your day with a nourishing breakfast
  5. Simplify your to-do list to the 3 most important tasks of the day. 
  6. Take frequent stretch breaks during the workday.
  7. Stay well hydrated throughout the day. 
  8. Savor your meals with mindful eating. 
  9. Find joy with movement.
  10. Call a loved one just to check in. 
  11. Practice gratitude
  12. Read for entertainment or to learn something new. 

Reflecting on this list, which habits stack up to your vision of health? What habits would you add to this list? 

daily habits healthier you

Aligned Action 

Select 1-2 daily habits that you have control over. Decide how you will implement them over the next 7 days. Share your thoughts with a partner or coach for accountability! 

Looking for more support? Everglow Nutrition has you covered! Schedule a free discovery call to learn how nutrition coaching can help you establish lasting health habits with accountability. 

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