1:1 Everglow Mentorship

Break free from dieting to eat without guilt & live empowered, energized, and free!

Are you ready to take the stress out of eating?

This is for you if...

You have tried a few diets but none of them have really worked for you leaving you feeling defeated. You are ready to ditch dieting for good but need support simplifying nutrition to eliminate confusion and overwhelm around food.

You are exhausted by the emotional distraught around food decisions and the pressure to maintain “perfect health and wellness”. You want to eat at restaurants without counting macros, calories, or skipping the bread but haven’t found a better solution.

You feel out of touch with your body and unhappy in your skin. You are ready to rebuild trust with yourself and feel comfortable and confident in your body from a place of self-love and kindness.

You long for the day that you can keep cookies in the house without feeling “out-of- control” around them.You want to learn how to eat intuitively so that you feel grounded and at peace with your food decisions.

You wish you had a dietitian to guide you to a way of eating that nourishes your mind, body and spirit, allowing you to show up as your best self in all areas of your life.


The Everglow Method

My signature framework will help you break free from diets and restrictions to step into the abundance of food freedom.

In the Everglow Method we will blend Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness to help you:

Establish Roots

Have your beliefs about food, health, and body stemmed from diet culture? Together, we examine your history with food and dieting. Uproot diet mentality and clear space to define health on your own terms.

Energetic Alignment

Create your personal Wellness Vision to feel crystal clear about your health goals and how to get there, without diets or restriction. Learn mindfulness techniques for developing self-awareness and feeling connected to your body.

Eat Intuitively

Integrate Intuitive Eating principles into your daily life to make peace with food and rebuild trust with your body. Simplify nutrition so you feel confident in your food choices, without any guilt or second guessing.


Feel empowered to sustain health-promoting behaviors with ease, accountability, and support. Eat and live in a way that honors your total health: mind, body, + spirit.

What’s Included

Initial Health Assessment (IHA)

Before our initial session, I’ll send you an Initial Health Assessment via email. This questionnaire serves as a snapshot of your health and well-being, addressing eating patterns, digestive health, movement, and lifestyle habits. Clients love this as a self-reflection tool and to feel connected.

One 60-minute Initial Deep-Dive Session

We’ll start with a full assessment, diving into your history with food, dieting, body image, and reviewing your IHA together. I’ll help you identify your short-term and long-term health goals and create a personalized roadmap with aligned action steps to actualize your goals in a simplified, attainable way. You’ll walk away with clarity on your health goals and an attainable process in place for working towards them with support.

Two 45-minute Follow-up Sessions per Month

Follow-up sessions are designed to facilitate learning, deepen self-discovery, and monitor your progress. We’ll review your wins to highlight growth and select a focus topic that addresses your highest need. You’ll walk away from each session with 1-3 value-based goals and activities, custom resources and worksheets to facilitate your growth between sessions, and tools to navigate the barriers preventing you from living out your wellness vision.

Personalized Client Folder and Custom Resources

Following each session, a recap with notes from our discussion will be uploaded into your secure client folder. This is also where we’ll store personalized resources including worksheets, recommended reading, and guided meditations created just for you!

Unlimited Support and Messaging

You’ll have access to email support and messaging so that you can expedite your results, always feel supported, and get my guidance on any questions you have. It’s like having a dietitian in your back-pocket!

Rachel is friendly, uses accessible language and terms when coaching, and is extremely knowledgeable.


Rachel’s insights, unlike other coaching I’ve participated in prior, are very specific and applicable in real-time.


Rachel helped highlight for me the gains that I made even when I felt like nothing was working in my favor.