Work with Me

If you’re ready to set your health as a priority and cultivate a healthy relationship with food…I am here to help you.

Receive 1:1 support

Addressing general health and wellness concerns

Setting inspired goals and clear action steps to navigate barriers

Releasing diet rules and measures of success that no longer serve you

Listening to your body’s internal cues of hunger, fullness, and satiety

Making peace with food for a lifetime of food freedom

Navigating emotional eating and food cravings

Crafting self-care routines that feel refreshing, grounding, and nourishing from within

Discovering a way of eating that works for you-- free of deprivation, guilt, and short-term “fixes”

Mapping out meal and snack ideas that suit your lifestyle and preferences


Health Coaching Plans

  • Refresh
  • 30 days
    • Initial health assessment
    • First session, 60 min
    • Follow ups, 30 min (3 total)
    • Weekly email check-in
  • Rejuvenate
  • 3 months
    • Initial health assessment
    • First session, 60 min
    • Follow ups, 30 min (7 total)
    • Weekly email check-in
    • Ongoing recipe/meal support
  • Radiate
  • 6 months
    • Initial health assessment
    • First session, 60 min
    • Follow ups, 30 min (13 total)
    • Weekly email check-in
    • Ongoing recipe/meal support
    • Body positivity card set

What to Expect

Discovery Call (15 min)

This is our time to get to know each other! You’ll be able to share with me your hopes and goals for working together. We’ll briefly discuss your history with food and nutrition. I answer any questions that you have about my coaching approach and services! If we determine that we’re the right fit, we’ll take the next steps to set up your first full session.

Clients love this as an easy way of connecting and getting to know one another.

Initial Health Assessment (Questionnaire)

Before our first full session, I will send you an Initial Health Assessment that includes questions about eating patterns, digestive health, movement, lifestyle, etc. Your completed assessment is like a snapshot of your health as a whole. Together, we’ll review it to determine areas that may need extra support or highlight existing health-promoting behaviors.

Clients love this as a self-reflection tool.

Initial Session (60 min)

In our first session, I help you clarify your short-term and long-term health goals. I offer to guide you through a visualization activity to explore what living a nourished life means to you. You’ll identify the images, words, and phrases that align with your vision. We’ll address any  barriers impairing your relationship with food and body image. Once you’ve identified your goals, we’ll create your individualized roadmap that will help you work towards them. You’ll walk away with clarity on your health goals and a process set for working towards them.

Clients feel the support in addressing health and wellness concerns that previously felt overwhelming.

Follow Ups (30 min)

Follow ups are set at a bi-weekly pace. These check ins are designed to continue your learning, deepen your self-discovery, and monitor your progress. Depending on your goals, our discussion may include:

  • Education on intuitive eating principles
  • Application of mindfulness based stress reduction strategies
  • Review of small wins between sessions
  • Setting activities for your at home practice between sessions
  • Mindset work, overcoming self-talk and limiting beliefs

Clients love these for monitoring progress and learning practical ways intuitive eating and mindfulness can be applied in daily life.

Email Support

Following each session, I’ll send you an email recapping your action plan, pertinent resources, and worksheets to guide activities set between sessions. We keep our communication lane open via email if you have any questions or concerns. It’s like having a dietitian in your back-pocket!

Clients love these as a form of accountability between sessions.

  1. Schedule a Free Discovery Call
  2. Receive 1:1 Coaching with a Registered Dietitian
  3. Be empowered to eat and live intuitively

Rachel is friendly, uses accessible language and terms when coaching, and is extremely knowledgeable.


Rachel’s insights, unlike other coaching I’ve participated in prior, are very specific and applicable in real-time.


Rachel helped highlight for me the gains that I made even when I felt like nothing was working in my favor.