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I’m Rachel – dietitian and certified health & wellness coach. It’s my passion to help women become their healthiest selves through the power of mindfulness and intuitive eating. Let me tell you a little story about my journey:

My Story

Guess what? I struggled with food, body image, and restrictive dieting, too.

In fact, a decade ago you would have found me with 100-calorie snack packs in my lunchbox. I thought I had to eat *as little as possible* to be healthy and maintain the “perfect” body. This led me down an unhealthy path of obsessing over food menus, eating emotionally, and constantly feeling unhappy in my body.

Gratefully, there was a shift.

I started to realize that food was not the enemy and my body was my teammate. I was able to rebuild trust with my body and eat in a way that felt supportive of my health from within. As my relationship with food improved, so did my relationship with myself. This feeling of freedom overflowed into other areas of my life!

Today, I approach food from a place of ease, flexibility, and nourishment.

Through my work, I am fortunate to help others do the same! My intuitive eating story helps me understand that support in this process makes all the difference. That’s why I created Everglow Nutrition safe space for you to slow down, tune inwards, and explore what living a nourished life means to YOU.

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Everglow Nutrition

Everglow (n): the lasting light that shines from within when you nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Everglow promotes nutrition in a way that honors
a healthy relationship with food and emphasizes:

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Nourishment over deprivation

Long-term health over short-term fixes

Food freedom over rigid diet rules

Everglow promises evidence-based guidance, returns to nutrition basics,
and cuts through the confusion of diet culture.

Nourishing your inner glow is about more than just food. That’s why at Everglow Nutrition, we also recognize the following as essential pillars to well-being:





Everglow supports Health At Every Size (HAES®),which honors body diversity, weight inclusivity, eating for well-being, and respectful care.

Professional Bio

Rachel Helfferich (RDN, RYT, NBC-HWC) is an Indianapolis-based registered dietitian nutritionist. She obtained a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Indiana University Bloomington. Furthering her expertise in the field of nutrition, she completed her Dietetic Internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a concentration in Disease Management and Health Promotion. Rachel has coached over 1,000 individuals in the corporate wellness setting. Her empathy, listening skills, and dedication to serving others lead to positive change in the lives of her clients.

Education & Credentials
-Bachelors of Science Dietetics, Indiana University -Bloomington
-Dietetic Internship, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
-200-Hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
-National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
-The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Member