5 Reasons to work with a Non-diet Dietitian

5 Reasons to Work With a Non-Diet Dietitian

This post is brought to you by my dietetic intern Shannon @dietishan. She clears any confusion around what it’s like working with a non-diet dietitian. If you’ve been curious about working with a dietitian, read this article for 5 reasons to work with a non-diet dietitian!

reasons to work with a dietitian

5 Reasons to Work With a Non-Diet Dietitian 

Do you find yourself struggling to take care of your health? Maybe you want to prioritize your health but aren’t sure how to or where to get started. Working with a non-diet dietitian might be the piece you’ve been missing all along, and here are five reasons to work with a non-diet dietitian. 

Reason #1| The one and only nutrition expert.

Contrary to popular belief, a dietitian is not the same as a nutritionist. A registered dietitian must complete a bachelor’s degree in science, 1,200 hours of supervised practice/internship, and an entry-level examination. A nutritionist might complete an online training course but is not required to have a certain level of education or practice hours. The registered dietitian is qualified to work with you and your nutrition needs as they are the one and only nutrition expert.

Reason #2| Large scope of practice.

The registered dietitian can work in a wide variety of settings such as a hospital, foodservice location, eating disorder recovery centers, private practices… you name it and a dietitian can probably be found there! Because of this, finding a dietitian to work with is like any other relationship. There are different fits for different people. Schedule a discovery call here to find your match with Everglow Nutrition.

Reason #3| Dietitians are NOT the food police.

There is a common misconception that a dietitian tells you what you can and can’t eat. I have heard from people over and over that they fear to see a dietitian because they will be told they can no longer eat their favorite foods. Wrong! There is a time and place for all foods and that doesn’t mean only on special occasions. Working with a non-diet dietitian can provide you food freedom while also discovering what a healthy lifestyle looks like for you. 

Reason #4| It’s not about weight.

Mentioned in this post, 3 Tips for Intuitive Eating, weight certainly does not equal health. Many times a doctor will tell their patient that they need to lose weight because their health is at risk. Not only is that not necessarily true, more often than not the doctor leaves you wondering what am I supposed to do now? Enter the registered dietitian! A registered dietitian, specifically a non-diet dietitian, can help you make modifications to your lifestyle that promote long-lasting health without focusing on weight.

Reason #5| It’s about more than just food. 

When it comes to wellness, it’s about more than just what foods you put in your body. Quality sleep, stress management, daily habits, exercise/movement, and meditation are also important for your overall health. A registered dietitian can support you with these other domains of health, too! At the very least, a dietitian can provide the necessary resources to achieve your wellness goals.

What’s your Reason?

Now that you know five main reasons to work with a non-diet registered dietitian, what’s your #1 reason? What has brought you to explore all that a dietitian can offer?

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