self-care ideas

30 Self-Care Ideas for September

Self-care is more than bubble baths and face masks (although I love a good face mask). For me, self-care is soul care. It’s choosing more of what makes me feel good from the inside out. Before we dive into 30 Self-Care Ideas for September, I want you to define what self-care means to you. 

Journal prompt: What does self-care mean to you?


self-care ideas

Grow Your Self-Care Garden 

When discussing self-care with my clients, I often use the analogy of growing a self-care garden. Just as a farmer plants a variety of seeds for crops, it’s important to plant a variety of seeds in your self-care garden. Therefore, when it’s harvest time, you’ll have an abundance of self-care options to choose from. 

Think about it: If your only self-care tool is taking a hot bubble bath, but you need a moment of self-care when you’re out running earrings, how’s that going to work? 

By giving ourselves a variety of self-care options, we make self-care more realistic and accessible. Also, it takes the pressure off one self-care tool needing to perform at 100 percent all the time. Self-care can be a seamless part of your daily and weekly routines! 

Journal prompt: What seeds are already planted in your self-care garden? In other words, how do you already participate in self-care? 

self-care ideas

30 Self-Care Ideas for September 

Self-care can take many shapes and forms. These ideas are meant to highlight the various ways in which you can practice self-care. Take the ideas that resonate with you most, and leave the rest. 

Routine self-care

Think of your daily routines as part of your self-care garden. 

  • Treat yourself to a soothing skin-care routine, morning and night. 
  • Go to bed and wake up close to the same time every day. 
  • Enjoy at least 3 nourishing meals and drink water throughout the day. 
  • Create a high-vibe living and work-space: light candles, clear your desktop of any clutter and bring in fresh flowers or plants. 
  • Map out your daily “get” to-do list, limiting it to the 3 most important tasks of the day. 

Quiet self-care 

When craving quiet time, draw from these self-care ideas. 

  • Turn off your phone or set it on airplane mode. 
  • Watch your favorite guilty pleasure show on Netflix.
  • Make a warm drink and put on your comfiest PJs an hour before you usually do. 
  • Take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. 
  • Turn on an instrumental playlist, read, or journal. 

Social self-care 

Tap into your support systems and social connections as part of your self-care. 

  • FaceTime or call a loved one.
  • Set a virtual happy hour with your gal pals. 
  • Schedule a walk and talk with your BFF. 
  • Cuddle with your partner or pet. 
  • Write a letter to a loved one and send it via snail mail. 

Physical self-care 

Use movement to shift your energy and awaken your spirit.

  • Go for a walk as a part of your energizing morning or evening wind-down routine. 
  • If sitting for a desk job, set your alarm to stand up and stretch at least once every hour.
  • Try a new workout class (online or in-person): Pilates, kickboxing, yoga, dance, etc. 
  • Practice an energizing breathing technique, like alternate nostril breathing.  
  • Get outside and enjoy fresh air: try hiking, biking, or visiting a nearby park. 

Creative self-care 

Tap into your creativity with these self-care ideas. 

  • Write a blog post to share with your community or keep it personal with a journal entry.
  • Break recipe guidelines and take a creative approach to cooking in the kitchen.  
  • Invest in new watercolors, pens, or oil pastels to make art at home. 
  • Take an online class on a subject that interests you or a new skill you want to learn. 
  • Buy fresh flowers and design your own arrangement. 

Spiritual self-care

Spiritual self-care doesn’t need to be religious, although it may be related for some people. Focus on practices that lift your spirit, inspire inner peace, and connect you to a greater sense of purpose. 

  • Spend time in meditation or prayer. 
  • Write daily affirmations – see related post on Body Respect Affirmations
  • Start a gratitude journal, showing appreciation for what you have. 
  • Read a daily devotional in alignment with your faith. 
  • Spend time giving back, whether it be a charity, local volunteer group, or a simple act of kindness.  

Food For Thought

Journal Prompt: What are 3-5 ways that you can expand your self-care garden? 

If self-care still feels unrealistic to you, I’d love to connect with you on a 30-Minute Everglow Discovery Call. We can chat about where you feel stuck and unbalanced, and map out a plan for balanced nutrition and self-care. Schedule a call here with me today as there is limited availability for this 1:1 support. 


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