I help women, just like you, build body confidence and finally have peace of mind around food.

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Stop stressing about food
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Food Freedom Course

Online Course

Start with my self-paced online course for a mix of video trainings, worksheets, and  resources to help you find food freedom.

Everglow Mentorship

1:1 Coaching

Gain nutrition support, mindfulness skills, and habit formation strategies to create sustainable changes through one-on-one coaching.

Everglow & Co

Group Coaching

For 12 weeks of accountability, join a small group of like-minded women ready to ditch dieting & find food freedom.

Hi! I’m Rachel,

Your non-diet dietitian. After overcoming restrictive
dieting and healing my relationship with food, I made
it my mission to help other women (just like you) find
food freedom. I believe in my bones that
healthy eating doesn’t need to be restrictive or boring.

My Signature 4-Step Framework

Everglow method

My evidence-based approach will teach you nutrition and mindset skills that empower you to nourish your body, not punish it.

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Establish Roots

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Energetic Alignment


Eating Intuitively

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You’ve found the right place! There is a way to eat for energy, nourishment, & satisfaction (Spoiler alert – one that does NOT include weekly weigh-ins, counting macros, or 5-day sugar detoxes.) Get started today with our free resources!

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